Vegas Baby!!

I’m suffering from “oh shiny” syndrome these last few weeks. I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t whining about winter or pining for warm weather. So I’m mining archives and concentrating on those warm places I love.  Like Vegas and I can not lie…this woman loves Las Vegas. Vegas is your naughty wild friend who slides into town, stirs up trouble, makes you laugh, gets you drunk, and helps you scatter any inhibitions to the wind. I was telling that boyfriend of mine about my ardor for Vegas and how something snaps in my head and

“I’m pretty darn uninhibited when I’m there.” 

“Jesus Laura, I can’t imagine you much more uninhibited.” 

Just you wait, Dr. Doctor some day we’ll get to Vegas and you will see just how uninhibited I get. But first stop is a beach vacation and please note my inhibitions in Mexico are almost as invisible as Vegas…like that time when I was still married: I came in from the beach–topless–and danced to my favorite Smash Mouth tune on the resort’s swim up bar. Hubs wasn’t terribly amused and I believe that’s when he told me I was a “handful”.  But hey, here’s my four top Vegas tips and trust me despite my wild hairs I do know when and how to behave like an honest to goodness adult. But that’s probably not gonna happen next week.

welcome to las vegas

My Four Fav Vegas Tips:

Did I mention they were unusual and don’t include the word “buffet”?

#1: Casino Overload Relief: If the sad people in the casino are making you sad and calling up all sorts of weird energy, get the heck out of there and see the desert. Sometimes that happens, Vegas can be too much and the underbelly of it is on display. Pull up stakes for the day and drive to Barstow or Lake Mead and the dam.

#2: Third World Encounter: For the love of all that is holy: Do not take a cab in Vegas. Unless of course you want a juiced up third world experience. Vegas is all about the fantasy. And much of that fantasy is being someplace else like Paris or New York. Maybe the cab companies could cash in on this and make the Third World Cab Ride a new entertainment. But trust me, it’s scarier than the real thing.

#3: Forward Seating: The seating chart on planes to Vegas are like mullets: Business in the front and a party in the back. I’ll never sit past row 10 again. It was so peaceful near the front. Sure there’s chatting and laughter in those first rows, it’s congenial. But the back of the plane? I’m surprised they didn’t whip out smuggled show girls and kegs from their carry-ons. Forgive me for being such a stick but the continued party interfered with my hangover and power nap prep for my quick return to work.

#4: Smart Packing: Take business casual with you. Sounds a little silly when you are talking about Vegas, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re off for a short weekend and armed with a small carry on. My warm weather Vegas packing list goes like this: a cocktail dress, a pair of high heels, bathing suit, undies, shorts, and a tee shirt. Boom, done. My travel clothes equal a casual sundress suitable for a relaxed dinner on arrival. Whenever I check bags, I have a change of clothing with me in case the luggage goes on a solo round the world trip. Once upon a time I didn’t put too much thought into this change of clothing. The other night, I was almost grounded for the night in Vegas. A part of me was–yay! long weekend on my trip insurance’s dime! But the bigger part of me was “Holy Cow I’m showing up to work tomorrow in club wear or shorts and flip flops.” I don’t know about you but my office dress code is not “Holly Golightly Party Girl Casual”. This alone made me the most grateful we made it home that night. As I unpacked, I realized I could squeeze in a jersey wrap dress that would save me from looking I had just flown in from Vegas. The circles under my eyes, the shit-eating grin do that for me without the window dressing of a tired cocktail dress in dire need of an iron.

About Laura

When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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2 Responses to Vegas Baby!!

  1. I love Vegas! I’ve only been there once and with a teenager in tow which is not very conducive to being uninhibited.


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